bored, sleepy and probably PMS.

i got back from school and poof! i got a fever.
im always sleeping that my mum starting to bug me to bits.
& i havent ironed my baju kurung.
its like a sloth there, in the basket.

today in school, we didnt study a crap since only 27/45 students were present. i could have swore i almost slept. but kogilan, azlan (also known as ‘panjang’ because he is VERY tall), halen, zharif & capik. Abdil keeps coming and going, and sleeping. yeah, that.
We were talking bout form 1 and stuff, where i wasnt close to anyone of them. & Kogilan admits that I dont act like a girl. He said, if he ever have to divide my characteristics molecules, it would be 20% girl and 80% boy. LMAO. i laughed at it. and stopped later. Azlan keeps telling me to drink soya more, since he got tall because of soya. He drinks 2 big bottles a day, i cant imagine getting diabetes instead of getting any taller. humm..

Tomorrow is maths. I stayed away from the pc, and didnt reply any of my sms. If i did, it prolly sound unsincire. Sorry. I was sleepy. My mum keeps ringing the house, that i felt like kicking the phone to my noisy neighbours that claim we are much noisy then them. *like hello, 5 human beings are living here, there is 3 practically adult there and they act like baboons! & a little bratish kiddo that cries everytime his mum is not around. talking bout cry babies.*

I washed my hair & studied maths. Prolly wasnt the best idea to do so. esply. if its at 10 pm. HA-HA. my hair is short, so no worries, give it 5 minutes and its as dry as ice in sahara desert. well not that dry, its soft. humm..

Oh yeah, tomorrow is maths. i finally understood the rotation, translation, reflection and errr, whats the other one… Oh yeah, enlargement. =]

this is angle of rotation. click to enlarge.

this is the angle of reflection, it took me hours to figure it out.
click to enlarge.

this is locus, aint it pretty? click to enlarge.

this is what i call, mess.
or in maths, point of reflection. i think. =]

Oh yeah, this what happened in the end, after my riot against maths. Just so you know.
Click to enlarge.

Oh yeahs, this is a few tip to study maths. My style =] *dont read if you dont want to, blah!*

You need everything in that picture.
You’ll need..
1) A big fat revision book, mainly its fat. and its good to sleep on.
2) a protactor. If you are freaking lazy as i am, you dont need a compass to get the angles. =] be warn, you need an arc. stick a pencil to your finger.
3) an emery board; c’mon dont bite your nails. and when you are bored, distract yourself with your ugly nails.
4) a stapler. In case someone with a big mouth comes and annoy you. examples; little brother with red horns.
5)a mp3 player (optional), so that you can sing along as you do the calculation. dont listen to hilary duff – the math; you wont be able to do any. trust me. If you dont have a mp3, you can always attach your radio to your ears.
6) A highlighter, well. that one, was.. for fun. when you are bored, colour the pictures. you might get more marks!
7) A compass; to poke annoying pest’s eyes. (you might be in court for this tho)
8) an eraser; which idiot wont use any. ?
9)calculator ; if you are doing exercise on paper 2, its good to cheat. but its bad to lie.
10) a handphone (optional) to sms people when you are totally bumbed out with maths. if you dont own this annoying device, grab a house phone and glue it to your hands. if you dont have a house phone, dunk your head in the toilet bowl and stop wasting your time reading this.
11) a pillow – in case you fall asleep.
12) a blanket – to filter your disgusting drool as you sleep.

Have all this, and you will get a swell results for maths.
Good luck for PMR takers.
Peace everywhere.

ex oh ex oh.


2 Responses to “bored, sleepy and probably PMS.”

  1. khairuljohari Says:

    rotation, translation, reflection and enlagement sgt best.. ho ho

  2. bosannye matematik

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