everybody loves veena,

More like the everybody loves raymond
except, guys dig in to veena
this is because she is

1) cute
2) tall
3) thin
4) smart
5) other reasons that i cant possibly think off. pardon me.

there is this guy, MR.X *name is hidden for safety reasons*. He has like this crush on veena. and practically everyone in his league is trying to set them up or something, lucky for veena tho. she is loyal to someone she truly deeply care for. So far, we both dont know who is this Mr X because he lives with hanzel and gretel bakes cake for little red riding hood and poisons snow white. i think.

So yeah, none of us know him. it might be myth or something, but heck. who cares.

Veena totali lost her 6680 phone. yeah, the 3G phone. the person who stole it totally needs a slap.
and veena is going to detect it & lodge a report soon
hope everything goes well for our bulletproof plan tomoro,
right vee?

oh yeah, im in the sisterhood of immortal radicals
& tomoro no exam, yipe.


One Response to “everybody loves veena,”

  1. the lover boy Says:

    mind setting me up with veena here?
    what in the name of lindsay lohan’s cute ass is the sisterhood of immortal radicals?

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