i feel fat.

its a self esteem problem, ignore this post.

looking at my thighs make me wanna cut myself
and die.
i m putting on weight like crazy.
why cant people tell me that?

i’ve asked my friends.
they wont tell me.
i dont want to starve myself and end up like hilary duff
or lindsay lohan.
Look what happened to Karen Carpenter?
I feel so miserable.
I feel like i want to break down and cry.

Science test is tomorrow, and im already feeling miserable.
i really need a slap.



One Response to “i feel fat.”

  1. the lover boy Says:

    being fat aint the worst thing babe.
    try being ugly, obese & handicapped?
    or probably suffering syndrom down?
    *im neither*
    but think of what you could be before this or soon to be.
    take care.

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