blessing in disguise

you will never know when hitler would come out from his grave and yell ‘o ye o ye,im alive. its a miracle.. im alive. satan didnt want me back, so did God’

I mean, you will never know right? Prolly cuz’ it will never happen =]

So yeah, today. I went to church, and to KLCC like every other week. there is a pc convention or pc fair. whatever. =] people were like spending like crazy, unfortunately for me, my mum wont bother even to look at it.

BLAH. Today i opened my history book,
First page; reading with full hope of getting it into my mind.
Second page; ZZZZZ…..
*woke up 5 minutes later*
Third – 12th page; Reading & yep, nothing’s in.
*slept 5.30*
13th page; reading *ring ring*
*talked on the phone till 6 ( 2 calls from sie mein & rose)*
Lost count of page; reading reading err, online. maybe reading. okay, not reading =p

reading history really made me wanna kick Alfonso de Albuequerque and Lopez de Sequiera’s head. & perhaps throw Vasco de Gama on their Flor de la Mar and make them play marco polo with Ruy de Araujo! okay, enough =p

Haih, i notice ahh, mostly the kemorosotan is based on race. racist racist, why should almost everyone be racist *note on almost everyone* why cant they be normal, i mean. its it because of colour? or perhaps the beliefs? we all believe in one God, live with it. c’mon. dont judge people, you aint God. calling people stupid aint gonna make you smart *yeah, im stealing Cady’s line in Mean Girls here*

Haih, im off on jamming my head up with history,
wish me luck on history & english trials tomoro



2 Responses to “blessing in disguise”

  1. the lover boy Says:

    wow, you really read it eh? =]

  2. yeah, you betcha. blah, im bored of it now.
    im bummed that hitler wasnt invited.

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