packet of history, & lamey lamey

after 2 days of suffering fever, flu and cough. the fever finally let me go freely leaving me with flu and cough & afree boobie prize; phlegm.

my pimples are multiplying. like, fast. i really should use that facial cleaner my mum bought for me 2 months ago. i only see my sister using it, like .. 5 times a day or something. talking bout vanity.

today, i was blessed of the ability of purging. for some dodo heads, it means you know, the watery poo? yeah, that one. not teh tarik.
i still feel terrible and its exactly one month till my birthday, and i dont feel happy. usually, every month on the twelve, i wud tell everyone there is another (insert month here) to go till my birthday.

maybe the flu. i cant talk. sahdam made fun of me yesterday!
thats because i was sengau. couldnt talk properly. i talked like someone who had burnt their tongue or someone who has insufficient breath. blah!

sahdam even crack a few jokes, blue to be exact. it was really funny! ok, probably with that cold i sound like i was trying hard to laugh. i still cant talk properly. and my cough is really bad, i need cough mixture badly. but i dont like the taste. eww.

i guess thats all,
hope you guys stay healthy and stay away from 7-11,
they’ll ask you to play safe (get what i mean?)

more blahs and craps,


2 Responses to “packet of history, & lamey lamey”

  1. the lover boy Says:

    play safe? isnt that condoms?

  2. yeah, its condoms. dont take it seriously, totali a joke *laughs sacarsticly*

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