mr moronic moron.

sorry for the two, well.. protected posts.
id like to keep it to myself.

so today, i saw someone i know with this guy.
well, i have no issues with her.
but the guy is uneducated.

he got thrown out from school
probably takes drugs
vandalizes stuff,
possibly steals?
and has no taste in fashion,
at all.

c’mon dude, stop wearing girls slim fit jeans that makes your ‘willy willie wonka’ looks obvious and extremely tight shirt that shows your grossly looking nipples. such a horrifying view, if you asked me. honestly he deserves a slap or he is just waiting for a group of old ladies to molest him, wait.! i dont think they are interested, perhaps some bitches? (As in a group of female dogs, no point of bringing humans on such savage)

and havent you heard, long hairs suck for guys, as in those maggi mee hairs that make you look like rempit. X-treme EWWS.
and havent you heard of ‘deodorant’? Goodness, you honestly need one hun.

p/s: If mr. rempit ever heard of internet and accidently bumped into this blog, so.. this is for you. i expect a tq note by tomorrow.

blah blah blah blab.



5 Responses to “mr moronic moron.”

  1. the lover boy Says:

    what if i’m mr rempit?

  2. then, you’ll need a load of cash to wash of all those ugly sense of fashion taste.

  3. the lover boy Says:

    that’s harsh. by the way, the all mighty crapper, im not mr rempit. *runs around*

  4. hoho!
    go watch remp-it movie la cik kristina
    they said stupid like hell
    and a lot of stupid rempit jokes

  5. mr khairul johari,
    i dont watch all those kinds of movie
    i usually end up drooling in the end.
    its not because they are hot, they are just not. and its lame.
    HA-HA *sarcasm*

    but seriously, that rempit needs a major makeover.
    perhaps he should try, PIMP MY SENSE OF FASHION.
    again, its sacrasm.

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