Birthday *AGAIN*

happy birthday to my beloved mummy,
45 of years living and still recking my life for the best.
Hope you grow old and forget things easily, *easier for me to paw money from you*
So yeah, happy birthday,
&& i din give back the balance. HA-HA. *sarcasm*

Today in school, i finished a set of mathematics paper; paper 2 without using the calculator & i didnt copy anyone! Thanks to Mr. Mickey Mouse (Capik) , Pineapple tart (Tasia), Rosy Mossy (Rose) & Vic (Sha). I know, weird names. =]

During recess, i enjoyed eating nasi ayam, its been a while since i tasted that. Everything worked out fine at school today, tuition was okay… Dull actually. I was half way dying there, thanks to sms-es from ‘baboy’ & ‘Erma’.

On the way back, i saw this girl. As she was SOOOO PRETTY! when i say that, she is VERY VERY pretty. And I aint lying. She was tall, skinny (not skin and bones), and had a cute face. =]
She was as tall as ViVi, but I cant compare them both. They both are SO pretty.

In the train, i admit.. I got a little hyper with the mp3, and started singing and possibly singing along, when there are people staring at me.. Enough bout that.. When i got home, i was sooo sleepy, i read the geography book and fell asleep..

and im awake now, still sleepy. VERY actually. and possibly hitting up on a fever. phft!



3 Responses to “Birthday *AGAIN*”

  1. the lover boy Says:

    45? isn’t she young?

  2. hey ‘mr lover boy’,
    my mum is young.
    i think.
    nah, kidding.

    who are you btw? do i know you?
    since we are both like, online at the same moment.
    curious here,

  3. the lover boy Says:

    I am someone you saw once,
    but couldnt care less about knowing.

    i know, it kills.
    so you wait, cause’ you wont die.
    i mean, by being curious.. i mean.

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