family bondings, so-called..

saturday; typical day, no rain all sun.
visited poor sick grandma (NOT!)
she just broke her finger, all with cotton and stuff, she pretty much is okay. well, she is still smoking, NO? (yeah, my grandma smokes,!)

Its been a while since i saw all of em, altho we practically stay in the same neighbourhood. If I’d tell yah, who are my cousins.. you prolly wouldnt believe me.

But, I’ll tell yah. My cousins are punjabi’s πŸ˜€ The celebrate guru nanak and stuff ( I THINK ) But my aunt still goes to church.
So I managed to catch up talking to my form 5 and form 2 cousin. The form 5, a girl.. pretty much inherited my grandma’s side. mulut lazer. muahaha, like me.. Thats why i talk a lot, lmao!

and the form 2 one was like, woah. he used to sound like a squeeky toy, now he sounds like his dad. deep voice, almost gave me a heart attack when he said hello.

And they had this OH-SO cute doggie, by the name of Junior. But its a girl, i still feel like biting its head off. =]

My mum left me there with my form 2 cousins and grandma for 3 hours. PHFT! but i managed to catch up with grandma. She told me everything bout her familyy. So, i do have a mix of malay. My grandma is half malay and eurasian. Great gramps was a malay.. But.. click to continue reading this

Here are pictures of Junior!
click to enlarge πŸ˜›



hugs and kisses,


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