Cunning liars and prevaricators.

today, i had to bring my handphone and mp3 to school. Because later I have tuition, and its soooo boring. šŸ˜€

in class Wai Lun and I was bluetooth-ing. suddenly one of my friends said, maybe there is spot check (some lame thing prefects do to steal our stuff, completely useless as we outsmart them a.k.a lie.)
My friend took my handphone and hid it in her bra, totally funny. Zharif and Azlan had the “OMG, WTF?” look on their face. LMAO.

my mp3 was completely hidden cuz its soo tiny i can hide it in my shoe (i didnt :P) 30 minutes before class ended we had moral, where Pn Wanda wouldnt come it at all, so we enjoyed a fewe songs, and was laughing all along at the italian joke. you know, the one that goes “One-na day, i went to Malta Inna bigga hotel,” blablabla. šŸ˜€

Then me and vivi went to tuition, aha. veena saw her “BF” haha. he was wearing glasses. veena was blushing all the way. šŸ˜›
oh yeahs, her crushes was like …. at her. (.. = melting.) šŸ˜€

i think the st john boys were gossiping bout me tho. šŸ˜
when i went in to put my bag, then.. i went out (to cold inside) and left vivi to take her stuff, before i left, they said “tu, dia dah keluar” humm.. ? we’re they talking bad or something???

then later, vivi went to the toilet, i waited outside sms-ing. again, they were there, saying something. and veena made me feel awkward, she pointed at that “guy” and she said “kriss” when i turned he was like.. staring. total crap, aaaa. oh well, her crush was there too. so not a big deal, heh heh heh. šŸ˜€

then we bought pressie for laavanya. and i bought a black cutie piggie!!!!
and im gonna buy another one this sunday too. šŸ˜€
im addicted to piggies.


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