moral? R-I-G-H-T!

today was moral test, and Islam trials for the Islam students.Β  I spent 15 minutes making mendacious statements.. I slept. yeah, just like that.. i slept for 1 hour and 45 minutes. πŸ˜€

so yeah, thats how im going to get C for moral *again!* Later, in school, i forgot that i din bring my purse. crap! yeah, rubini belanja-ed me. πŸ˜€ she asked me to buy nuggets for her, two sticks (which consist 3 nugget on each stick) and then, nithya asked me to buy one stick for her. the women looked at me like im some sort of pig, wants to finish all the food. πŸ˜€

End of Pig tales, AND ENGLISH. Ohhh, im pissed all right, how can i get no single mistake for that essay, isi pun cukup lah. suddenly oni get 9/10. would it kill her to give me a perfect. PHFT! she definately hates my class, prolly cuz we outmaneuver her in almost everything. DOUBLE PHFT!

But i was okay with it, i played “Nama negeri benda buah markah” with visha, then i saw my friend crying. i felt sad for him, and i had a talk to him, when he said “i give up on this, i dont feel like continuing something i cant achieve” I admit that really got me deep. really deep. pity pity.

Then before we had to go home, teacher wanted volunteers for the upcoming class party. so called, πŸ˜€

no one wanted to, i had my head down and was talking to bell and visha. all the sudden, luqman said “kristina FIRE” LMAO. faye = fire? *no dim witted ones, its not fire. its pronouced as fei* then, all the sudden ppl starts pointing at me, and clapping and sorts. so, i got picked. but i dont wish too.!

Teacher picked volunteers for all races; malays, chinese, and indians *oh yeah, im niether* so, i told them, “sapa tak nak jadi malay, chinese atau indian.. meh join bangsa setan” *thats me!*

everyone was like, YEAAA.!! haha, funny. roshni was the first to join since she didnt want rubini to become the representative of indians πŸ˜€

i managed to pujuk Kogilan, Satish, May and perhaps.. Ines? Hope they make it! I mingled around with the 1st formers today, they are sooo adorable. i dont know why, they look like little ducklings. πŸ˜›

Im definately in hyper mode… but, a lil sleepy. =]


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