lights off

today, i got home from tuition and there was no electricity! so, yeah. i bathe and i slept (yeah, no fan.. it was quite cold) so when i woke up, my mum was screaming and sort of stuff which i couldnt careless, she called up the TNB at about 7.45. and they reached here at 9.15, i wonder what were they doing…

hum, so when they reached here, mum left for work and the house owner left. so it was quite dark, the maid was beside me with my brother running around the pillar. so then all the sudden the guy asked “hey boy, thats yr mum ar?”

HEY BOY? haha, i look like a boy? my uncle says that all the time!! he even punches me! phft, and he is wayy tall and says im shortie. bising la .!!

so yeah, everything is going well now *explains why im online no?* and when the lights were back again, he said “eh, ur a girl ar?” and my inner monolog says “oh, you noticed”

so im stuck online again, and tomoro ujian moral (SO IMPORTANT LAAAAAA.. WTF!)

and im confused with the feelings im having. i should stop liking … seriously. should I? =/


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