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full of dilemmas.

Posted in Life on August 31, 2006 by aku

anastasia tried to help me pick out and outfit.
well, i look horrid in dress.
she expected me to wear a sleeveless tee.
that is SO not me.
im never gonna wear that.

anastasia had another dilemma.
about her hair
i sort it out with her.
u see, everytime she tries to help me
i change topic, sorry tasia.

so i did it to her hair.
tell me what u think k.
i know i have several stalkers in this blog.
tell me what u think of her hair.
be honest!

tasia playing with my cellphone.
click to enlarge image.getting bored.
click-o wacko.

aint if farney?

click-y sick-y


merdeka merdeka.

Posted in Life on August 31, 2006 by aku

yaw, its 49 years since malaysia is free from anything!
i have to say, im sooooo hapi that there are no wars here as im living for 14 years.
eventho i myself, am a mix of malay, chinese, indian, filipino, spanish blablablabla. I am a malaysian. yeah, malaysia is full of culture and sorts.
you cant see this in other countries! the people are great. i have friends of sorts races and whenever its a celebration. ka-ching! money comes rolling in the pocket. hehe.

but merdeka this year is well, not so great. since im in form 3 and pmr is a month away. so far, in ines term.. im still on darurat. yep, that.

i still dunno what to wear tho for CP (Class party).
I’m bumbed. and sad. =(

i need my bestfriends *hugs*

if you want to.

Posted in Life on August 31, 2006 by aku

if you want to reply this survey, just post it in a comment.
you know, to remove ur boredness & for me to know u better.
teehee, here goes mine.

1. My ex is…
__still furious with me, i suppose.

2. I am listening to..
__the sound of someone walking towardsd me.

3. Maybe I should…
__go check who was it.

4. I love…
__my best friends to bits. 🙂

5. My bestfriend(s)…
__are the one i tend to keep and hug whenever i feel like it. XD

6. I don’t understand…
__why people apologise.

7. I lost…
__interest in love. i’ve stop.

8. People say…
__tht im too nice.

10. Love is…
__something that will hit you unexpectedly.

11. Somewhere, someone is…
__crying for food.

12. I will always…
__get bored with love. and stopped liking someone unexpectedly.

13. Forever seems…
__like a myth that someone hold on to & hope for.

14. I never want to…
__hurt someone’s feelings. but i did.

15. My mobile phone…
__not much to boast, but people think im rich just because i got that phone.

16. When I wake up in the morning…
__i ran to the toilet to pee.

17. I get annoyed when..
__someone asks me the same Q.

18. Parties are…
__meant for people with nice outfit.

19. My pets are/is…
__forever gone.

20. Kisses are the best when…
__something you do to have fun. no matter how po or ne it is.

21. Today I…
__woke up late.

22. Tomorrow I will…
__ have to face the music.

23. I really want…
__ to kill her.

oh no, another 3 days!

Posted in Life, Self Proclaimed on August 30, 2006 by aku

class party
in a hotel
i have no ultimate nice clothes to wear.

haha, okay exaggerating again.
stop it kristina, stop it.

i helped anastasia pick out an outfit for her.
trust me, she looks fab
but she was worried of looking bad. n not like her.
like c’mon she got the bod! minus the boobs of course. lol!

she was worried of her face too, so she had a haircut,
she looks much better, but whats worst than having ur mum say “you dont look nice”
how horrid!

blergh!! but nvm hun, u look awsm. 🙂
her clothes was floral print skirt and a green sleeveless top.
she looks cute.

i still havent got an outfit for me.
i was thinking of the one on christmas
but im too fat.!

i need help. friday there is a study party, besties.. help me out please. love you loads guys.


yo, bitch.

Posted in Life on August 30, 2006 by aku

i had to retake the KH test. that was sorta surprising.
cuz’ i din study and the test was 2 week ago
i practically forgot almost everything.
but i got the results today
i got a 70.
that was sorta good since i din study.
usually i’ll end up with a sixty
that probably why the bitch suspected me. blah!

since i didnt go to school,
i didnt know the 411
but my best friends are there to keep me up-2-date.

so, anastasia the granny and the best critic.
had a debate with the bitch.
yep, the bitch.
she made sure i kept my ori marks.
with the help of priyaa, the egoistic (in both pos and neg)
roshni, the one who seeks vengence from the bitch
i managed to keep my marks.

but i still think the fat skank tried to brain wash the biatch.
but oh well, if she wants a fist fight or a mouth to mouth ass kicking chlge, then your on biatch. but she better make sure my last nerve wont be plucked out, or else.

oh yeah, my english sucked. my section A was full of crappy poo poo. haha, dont mind lol. i got a B. blah! in fact, my paper 1 was impressive! and my literature was a wow! haha. summary was a mess, she minus 5 marks for extra words. the essay was yeah, like i sed, crappy poo poo.

tomoro is merdeka.
happy merdeka y’all.

fcked up kh teach.

Posted in Life, school, Self Proclaimed on August 28, 2006 by aku

today we got our bm, sej and kh.
i’ve improved a lot in bm. *claps*
sejarah was well, okay. not too proud bout it.
but KH!!@#$%
i got a 93 95.
i know, i was shocked myself.
i guess staying up and studying it 2 weeks before was worth it.
only to find out that, teacher suspects i got this answer sheet which SHE, i repeat SHE photostated and passed it on without checking. talking bout einstein.

first, we were in the sewing room,
she called me over.
and said (in malay)

she: “i left a few papers with answer sheet behind, by any chance, did you get it?”

*me, totally blurr*: err, what paper?

she *making the i know you know what i mean look*: “i photostated some and accidently gave it to a few students which im unsure of”

me *still blurr* : “i dont think so i got it.. but, why ask me?”

she *making the fucked up look*: well, thats becoz u got the highest, and you had an amazing improvement *her improvement was rather sacarstic*

*pn norhimah was in front, *

me *putting down my foot* : well, pn norhimah was there. and i sat IN FRONT OF HER, how can i copy?

*pn nor himah agrees*

she *makes a double fucked up face* : nvm, call roshni n hidayah.

well, than she gave us back our paper. of course there was some giving me the look, well. i admit im not that bright. but, hello..
im still aloud to get a high score rite? its not like if you fail, you cant try again.. how descriminating. she asked for my exam paper, i cant remember where i put it. so i told her it must be at home. she gave me the look again. honestly, how can i put up with her at this point. she asked me a lot of questions regarding the kh paper, hello.. if its called bantai. then, i dunno the answer rite? how can she ask “how u know this is the answer?” how fcked up!

she kept aiming me, to answer all the questions. damn freaking lame.. i was pissed, yet i dont want to fight back. so i just zipped it up. then for the last 15 minutes, she kept reminding us how she prays for the person who will admit they took the answer sheet and how the prayers will terbalik for those who din admit. roshni gave a smirk and said “whu cares of your bloody prayers” *go rosh!*

we all went back to class, of course i wasnt feeling that good about it. just imagine.. a teacher giving you the I-KNOW-YOU-DID-IT look when you did nothing, and expect you to take the fall. she even can add the..

“if you admit, i wont cut your score. i’ll let you keep it as a bonus”

wtf! we went back to class later, and after peaceful 45 minutes, she called mun and told her to tell me *which is highly impossible for me alone as mun has this mouth that leaks everything* to bring my paper tomoro, or she will deduct half the marks i earn.

IT WAS UNFAIR. i mean, she has no fcking proof. i told mummy, she is coming tomoro. make that bloody racist pay for it. just because moral students got higher scores, doesnt mean she can go around deducting ppl’s marks. THATS FUCKING DESCRIMINATING. DOESNT MEAN I NEVER GOT AN A FOR KH, DOESNT MEAN I CANT GET IT EVER.. RIGHT?



fucks & shits,
go die.

27th, sunday.

Posted in Life on August 27, 2006 by aku

deepest condolense to marlene for her loss.
i know how its like being in your position.
stay calm and patient.

im too low to type anything else.