purple and pop-ish.

so, it is monday again. i didnt go to school, i had a major headache and my gums were swelling. phft! i couldnt talk in the morning, and now its all better, cept it hurts when i eat.

i only ate ice cream today, mini cornettos. about 4. πŸ˜€ and i think i got a fever now, im wearing sweater and the fan is only on number 1. and my brother is sweating. LMAO.

tomorrows tuition again, another day with ViVi! She is so awsm! ehe, life life life. how can it get better? im so addicted to everyday milk which vivi and i buy every tues dan thurs. ehe. i hope i grow taller with all that calcium!!


im hoping and craving again, 1 off the list. i suppose.

there i go again, crapping……



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