ViVi and my little mp3

its 30th if you havent notice, and its ViVi (what i call veena, and NO! you cant call her that, except if you are kristina, which you’re not :P)’s birthday so happy birthday old bag, may you sag and grounch and become miserable like PnB. nah, kidding. i dont know what to get you, nvm i belanja you milk on tuesday ok? =]

so yeah, everything worked out dwell today, except i woke up with cramped leg and hand, uhmm.. so as usual, went to church, & i think i got fever because i wore sweater and the sun was like tadaaaaaa above me. 😀 dont ask hows that possible.

and yeap, like the title says it, i got my mp3. its sho sho sho sho sho cute, im amazed by how it looks more than how it works btw. so yeah, now you can ignore my previous post, craving and wanting because i bought samsung instead of sony. and the bean was like totaliiii cheap today, it was only RM349 , previously was about 499 lah.

hum, talking bout sale. the saleslady was sooooo horrifying!! when is say horrifying, i mean scaryyyy! she looked like a whore, dressing i mean. she was polite tho. the wore a really really tight shirt that make her boobs all tight up as if it(the boobs, not her) cant breathe (or can she?) Then there was this other salesman who was standing beside her, then she sed “sayang you charge this for me please” and when she said that, the guy was staring right at that spot. LMAO!

so yeah, scary scary. and im uploading songs in my mp3, since its 1G its taking a long time. and im halfway drooling and possibly snoring. HA HA HA (sacarstic laugh) =/ tomorrow school, and perhimpunan!, officially getting a butt cramp and leg sore. oh yeah, tomorrow is 31st.

a week till GEO TRIAL.. NOOOOO (screams fanaticly)

oh yeahs, im addicted to piggies!, see what i did to the pig while i was in KLCC 😛



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