its friday, at this day. usually i’d would skip school and stay at home lying on my bed sleeping till its 12. 😀 well, today i decided to wake up and go to school. it was fun today in school, surprisingly i got good results for home economics. 😀

well, it paid off by learning bout toilets bowls and taps. *listening to fly.fm now, someone is playing with the fast forward and slow-mo button, im irritated*

its two days till’ someone’s birthday. teehee, imma bored as hell. and trial is coming up!! 7th august to be exact, and first up is geography. damn i hate that sub. i dont see how learning about where malaysia or america would make you a doctor? a fireman? (As if you’re gonna put out fire all the way to afgan) why cant we choose what sub we want eh?? Life life, oh yeahs, today i got my geo paper, damned it sucked. haha, at least i din fail plus i din study!

i think my history gonna be f’ked up too! but but but, tgk lah. 😀 i slept almost on EVERY subject. 😀 luckily wai lun wasnt like beside me, if not i prolly died looking at him. 😀  thats because he sleeps with his mouth open, imagine is saliva was drippin? ehe.

ouh, im having butterflies in my tummy all the sudden and tomorrow there is a course for PRS. =/  i dont feel like going, but i am. weirdly weird? yes! hum, and there is extra classes. wish me tons of luck then. (AS in staying awake till 6)


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