liar liar,

oh yea, today is tuition day. went tuition while reading sidney sheldon’s IF TOMORROW COMES a really great book ya know. so, on our way back, we went to wasbudi (with veena’s mum) on the way back, veena’s mum was stopped by sum liars or as they call themselves, salesmen.. veena and i, were less interested so we bunked in the car, and turned on the music, and yesss!! it was fall out boy’s dance dance. we were screaming at the back of the car, and veena accidently hit the chair and the headrest went so freaking high. we pushed it down with all our might, and finally we gave up. we pushed again and veena dumbly said ‘wait, shud press here first’ i started to laugh like a mad cow, except no moo moo lah. then veena was soo over excited for no good reason, dropped 3 bars of cadbury chocolate *wasteeee* and i stomped on it. veena’s mum finally came in the car, and told us that they were liars and such.. it was fun, and i can finally rest, but veena has tuition and its 3 days till her burdae!!! p/s: veena ur bf will sing u a hapi burdae song at pasar seni’s lrt tau. u knoe whu he is


One Response to “liar liar,”

  1. magarita Says:

    hey…vry funny….i told u not 2 paparkan tis thing…so bad lo u…
    haha….lrt stasion pasar seni(beggar)…haha ya cant wait…2 c my bf..
    he is yours n also tat pengawas in kasturi..chinese boy…
    had fun tat day..we when crazy..hehe
    ps:i noe `he` which school..u noe ho i mean..punjabi guy(kasturi)…haha

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