im really really bored, so here it goes, i dug up the internet and found few funny ghosts, well to me it is. no piccies, as some might laugh or cry or perhaps faint to death. have fun reading 😛

Firstly, Churel (Indian Ghost)
A churel, also written as “churail”, or rather “chudail” (pronounced chew-dail) is a female ghost out of Hindu folklore. She appears either as a hideous creature with long sagging breasts and unkempt hair, or as a beautiful young woman who can charm any man. Often, her feet are backward, and she has an unnaturally long & thick black tongue. The churel is said to be the unhappy ghost of a woman who died in childbirth or while menstruating (period la sengoi) . It means that she sucks blood, a habit shared with the other monster, the vampire, and due to the fact that young men are the cause of her death, the Churel always drinks from young men, beginning with the one she loved in life.  (So guys, careful esply with menstruating women :P)

Evil realms (Budhism)
Hungry Ghost realm
The Hungry Ghost realm (also known as the Pretas realm) is based on possessiveness and desire.

The sentient beings in this realm are known as “hungry ghosts” because of their inability to enjoy food or drink. In Tibetan versions of the Wheel of Life they are drawn with narrow necks to represent that condition.

When making a graphical representation of Wheel of Life, the Hungry Ghost realm is placed at 4 o’clock, with the Asura realm above and the Hell realm to the left.
Langsuir redirects here. Pontianak is also a city in West Kalimantan, Indonesia.
A pontianak or kuntilanak (as known in Indonesia, sometimes shortened to just kunti) is a type of vampire in Malay folklore. The pontianak is usually a woman who died during childbirth and becomes undead, seeking revenge and terrorizing villages. She often appears as a beautiful woman, usually accompanied by the strong scent of frangipani. Men who are not wary will be killed when she morphs into a hideous vampire, she will also eat babies and harm pregnant women.

People believe that having a sharp object like a nail helps them fend off potential attacks by pontianaks, the nail being used to plunge a hole in the back of the pontianak’s neck. It is believed that when a nail is plunged into the back of a pontianak’s neck, she will turn into a beautiful woman, until the nail is pulled off again. The Indonesian twist on this is plunging the nail into the apex of the head of the kuntilanak.

Langsuir is a version of pontianak, popular in Malaysia as one of deadliest banshee in Malay folklore. Different from a pontianak, which always appeared as a beautiful woman to devour the victim, langsuir would possess the victim and suck blood from the inside, slowly causing a fatal end. It is believed that langsuir are from women who had laboring sickness (meroyan) as a result of suffering the death of their children and who themselves died afterwards.

OK, thats all.. good night sweet dreams may sumthin bite u tonite 😀


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