a lot of sweats, but more fats.

today, i went for badminton practise, it was reallllyy really fun!!! alfred really jahat la, kept saying “how long u havent touch a racket” then i teased him back obviously. i never lose! 😀 rebel, arent i?

it was darn hot there lah, the doors are shut, there is no windows to allow air in, and there are a lot of people, at my rate, with hair down, and alot of jumping and running, obviously i sweat at the point where i just bathe. 😀

we were playin’ for 2 hours or more. and yes, i look like i bathe or i got soaked in rain ( that’s what navin thought, i suppose. btw, nice braces 😀 )

so yeah, it was fun. i drank slurpee later, and it rained. dumb dumb. oh yeahs, possibly getting sick tomorrow, again navin predicted it. so yeah, if i get sick tomorrow, he is definately a psychic or a phycho. 😀

oh yeah, im getting really bored of internet and msn and ym and myspace and friendster

might as well pass it to my sis once in a while, or maybe not.

tomrw extra class, oh f’ no am i going, or maybe i am. phft!


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