oi, gatal!

today, i had to pick up my little brother. i had to walk all the way from his school, yes SKTSG all the way to kedai jimat (to sri gombak ppl lah) then i was waiting in the bus stop kan, then i saw this ridiculus living creature.

so this creature, i know him lah. he is form five on the year 2004 i think. oh my was he scary, he was flirting with this two girls. and i know, he has a gf already. so i keep my distance, after 5 minutes fanning myself, i heard a voice of faggot-ish.

faggot : kris!

me : *looks back, smiles and turn away*

faggot: kris, sombong

me : *looks again, gave a dumb look and look at my little brother*

faggot tries to strike a convo.

faggot : so, tunggu mak ke?

me : uhm ya.

in my heart, i felt like taking my shoes and hitting him. 😀

faggot : dulu rambut pnjg, skrg dh potong rambut eh?

me : uh, yeah.

faggot : taun dpn style lain ke?

me : yeah, botak. ikut mawi.

faggot : *laughs like a dumbass*

faggot : so, masih simpan number i tak? or dh buang

me : dh buang. tuka sim

faggot : oh, tanak bagi number baru?

me : *plays dumb*

faggot : nnt call, ckp bz la nie la tu la, skrg comment pun tak bagi eh?

me : *mumbles* myspace dh delete, tak caya gi carik *takes hp and pretends to call someone*

faggot : erm, kris. kasik number bule?

me : *keeps quiet and talks to lil brother*

faggot : ouh, okay.

me : *walks away and talks to keshmin*

seriously, this guy is really irritating to the max, a big time posuer, phft. get a life total rip off. if you read this blog, good for you.


One Response to “oi, gatal!”

  1. KhairulJohari Says:

    pffft!!! haha… ape arr
    nak ngorat tak reti
    adek u ade dlm blog u
    tu yg i seronok bace tu
    kim salam kat adek tau

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