im craving and wanting.

i, like everyone else in this world obviously want something. okay, not something, almost everything. 😀

i know i cant have all this but, i wish to, somehow.

maybe loads of cash, or winning a contest might get it to me.

or maybe just my birthday, or something.

here is my list *go on reading,if you cared :D*

1) NW-E307/L  Walkman Bean™ MP3 Player (Tropical Ice Blue) , yes the 1 GB 😛 (apparently, mummy’s promise was dead and long forgotten, i think i will keep dreaming..)

2) a new camera. my old camera is dying, not really. but it captures quite blurry picture and the lighting is not good. humm, i want the DSC-W70/B . very expensive, again.. i know. i shall dream on.

3) a new handphone, this handphone fell down a few times. dying already. but still good, but i want sony ericsson’s K700i phone. expensive again, dreaming..

4) a new computer table. this computer table might just break off, soon.

5) a new set of brain, complete with knowledge in maths, science, english, french, italian, portuguese, blablabla. 😀

but i really want the mp3 😦 i cant stand starting up the computer just to listen to music, plus the speaker bangs really loud and vibrates the floor. && i get really bored on the way to tuition, phft. i hate life.


2 Responses to “im craving and wanting.”

  1. KhairulJohari Says:

    haha.. jum.. saye blanje.. esk gak kiter gi beli.. 😛

  2. i u need the mp3 player it is easy to get it u just need the prefect moment to get it i’ll explain in messenger

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