kogilan & his timid ways.

who is this kogilan?
well kogilan is my classmate since form 1, he is really smart.
a cousin of priyaa’s, (the smart and basicly my F.Y.Is in every sub, cept for history)
he got sent to the last class earlier this year, but he came back to the top to join us, just because he got 6A and 1B
he is really smart, our class.. aiyer. the highest was 5A.

i used to annoy him, not used lah, always actually.

today, i was talking to him, about geography and he is telling me how sejarah was boring and stuff
i just listen and acted like i was listening to pn norshidah at the same time.
difficult you know. šŸ˜€
so i asked him if he remembered form 1, our teacher. cik ezliani. i think thats how you spell her name
she was 18 when we were 13.
she wore thick make up, kalah chinese opera. and her perfume, myyy gooodness, you may faint.
and her clothes were jarang2, so.. most of my classmates cuci mata lah.

once i remembered, during exam, she bend down
and kogilan stared straight up her ass.
anastasia, nan, azmi was laughing out loud at that part
honestly, she should have wore those clothes esply with tudung lah, memalukan to be frank
but she is young ( i mean, the needs of vanity)

bah, i even saw this girl, who was really short and fat (nto saying that im thin)
no offence but she should have wore a skirt with such length, mini skirt. which really sticks to her butt
making her look fat-ter. heh.
then, there was this guy who was looking up, when she arise from the seat,
the chinese dude said “aiyaarkk”
wanted to laugh, i only giggled.

btw, i read the big sleep by raymond chandler today.
it was interesting but a lot of harsh words like “son of a bitch” and “you bastard”
i finished it in 4 hours, well i read between science, bm and sejarah class tho. šŸ™‚

i sort things out with this friend of mine, im glad he realised all his mistakes without being pointed out. šŸ™‚
im sleepy, i’ll call it a night. toodles


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