i wrote as long as i could

and when i clicked published..

everything was poofed! aaaaaaaaa. fook!

btw, i was saying bout this form 1 students nowadays

much mature (RIIIIGGGHHHHHHTTT *sacarsticly*) and bigger! awsm!

today after extra class, i sat at the canteen doing maths

then there was this two girls and a guy. three of them were in form 1. seen them multiple times. they were bitching around with the guys and talking as if they are dumb and deaf (which i think, they are)

bitch 2: weyy, balak i tade la ari neh. dia tak main.

bitch 1 : u tgk la balak i, syg je kat i. smpi datang ari neh

bastard : ye la tu *annoyed*

bitch 2 : apasal ngan u neh *looks at bastardo* mcm tanak layan i je. u tasuke ke i ckp pasal balak i?

bitch 1 : ala, kau neh pasal minah? * i heard like minah laa.. * lantak dia la. dia mana suke kau?

bastard : ish, i sayang u dua ok. jgn gado gado (right upon here, i was choking and almost died on the spot)

bitch 1 : tapi u sayang i lagi kan *blink blink her four eyes*

bitch 2 : eeee, gedik nye minah sorunk neh. aku sula jap gi.

bastard : ala, u mana ley sula. meh i tolong *GROSSSSS*

honestly, i felt like throwing my highly expensive RM19.90 (Actually dunno the price, got for present leh) at their faces. again, eww..


One Response to “urgh.”

  1. hahaha!
    gedik punye budak kecik

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