you know how disturbing people around you can be??

imagine you, yourself. sitting at the train (LRT), opposite you would be a huge arse, staring at you. (literally)

 its really irritating, to top it off, the man dug his butt. Eww, and he smelt his fingers. (Thank goodness he didnt lick his fingers)


its very irritating lah, when you got the sit

suddenly people will stare at you like they want to sit there. but it really bugs me when some people wont offer their sit to the older people.

thats cruel. *shame on you*

which reminds me of this women that day in the bus.

a blind man came up, she was putting on her lipstick (yes, in METRO bus. METROOOOO)

the blind man obviously cant see, and the bus was full.

cant she just stand up and let him sit?

she looked at him and gave the “oh.. your blind.. so what?” look.

and the blind man stared at her *as if he could see :D*

then she begin to make an irritated face, like everyone could care

OUT OF THE BLUE, a young boy approx. about 8 years old, offer his seat

the boy was so sweet.

the lady gace the thank God look, but actually everyone was taking her as a walking heartless vain person.

thank god the guy was blind, or else he could see her hanging himalayas & her extremely heavy jolie lips. 😛


One Response to “*shrugs*”

  1. if i was there, i’d kick that woman out of the bus. joe kills!

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