flying pads.

italy is gonna win the cup.
& today, i hope france lose.

today something EXTREMELY hilarious happened in school.
we were sitting down, in a group 9 of us.
6 boys and 3 girls
i was sitting next to kogilan, azmi was in front of me.
then, kogilan was searching for a book under the table
all the sudden a pad (yes, sanitary pad) flew out
i started to laugh (since i love to laugh a lot :D)
then syafeeq had this very shocking + funny look on his face
i laugh harder.
at this time, when i laugh
usually i end up with

a) a really really red face
b) a pink nose
c) difficulty in breathing
d) watery eyes
e) have this really really scary breathing effect, like when ur throwing a fit πŸ˜›

everyone thought i was crying, everyone was silent and staring at me.
then, i laugh again, there is no way of denying i was a moron in that group.
azmi was mean. he took the pad and wrote on the top “kris punya pad” which means its kris’s pad. honestly lah, if it was mine, im stupid ah to put my name?
hazwan could even ask “itu dh pakai ke belum?” which means, “is that been used before”
i laugh harder and snorted.
everyone laughed
then i wanted to throw the pad.
then everyone was pointing at me
i felt like going to faint
as i was getting that difficulty in breathing and stuff.
then i sat quietly.
everyone thought i was crying.. *again*
then were trying to console me, i cant laugh anymore or my intestine just might blow up.
so then, i just kept drinking water
and i start to cough and sneeze.
but it was funny

tomorrow got tuition,
but school ends at 1.30
i have to go school in uniform

chop my head and pray i die? *oh wait, i will*

p/s: i deleted myspace, i dunno why. maybe because i was pissed or something? chew my legs instead.


9 Responses to “flying pads.”

  1. hey dude.

    ure still in school! haha… cute, cute..

    then how do u define metrosexual and how do u prove it?

    cheers from ukraine πŸ˜€

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:

    shit..typo error



  5. magarita Says:

    haha..damn funny…flyin pad…fly together wif it..haha..
    u sure it is not ur pad ah…u used it already…?..k i touch u,i touch soh…i touch de 3 in 1..cant wait 2 enjoy..hehe…support ur himalayas…!or batang I…anyway see u at lrt..same time…dating…n cant wait 2 she de husky..CBN..hehe….italy 4 de cup….peace..out ;p

  6. Wei Tuna the pad u use aready?? and y u keep ur pad in school -.-“??

  7. kinz & mac its not my pad.
    its a 1 former students.

  8. fernando Says:

    hehehe….flyin pads.,.,.,i really pity da boy who found it!! its gonna haunt him 4 da rest of his life….hahahaha!! neway, interesting story 2 blog abt!!! πŸ˜‰ n da mr soh thingy wit da pengetua….one more thing…u can keep on dreaming, italy is neva goona win!! france is gonna WHOOP Italy’s ass….watch n see….

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