you touch the monitor, you touch mr soh.

today, monday
monday is my fav day ever.
not becoz of the essembly which i hate to admit
becoz of mr soh.

like he said “you touch the monitor, you touch mr. soh & you touch the pengetua”
so i was thinking, you rape the monitor, you rape mr soh and u rape the pengetua ah?

so the whole day we were mocking england and brazil
ok, at least i was
and i made a new slogan
“dont support bra, bra will support you”
funny no?
ok, after several times reading it.
not funny 😀

today no KH, means there is no teacher to talk about death 😛
i spend the 3 free period
telling jokes and all
next was sejarah.
i wasnt paying attention
as i was talking to kogilan syafeeq and wai lun.

eric took my elemen 1 sejarah
i hope he brings it tomoro
or i will fry him

oh yeah, today
i finished my ringkasan
2 of it
in just 2 period
the others took the whole day.
what la wei.
thanks to an extra sit away from the yappidiyapyaps.

tomoro tuition
spare my ears please?


4 Responses to “you touch the monitor, you touch mr soh.”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    hehe..that was funny.!I totally have to agree with u on that part of the story when Mr soh said that.*Laughs*All types of imagination started running thru my mind.hehe.Anyways nice blog u have.Really intresting too.

  3. kak sya Says:

    i juz love reading dis 1…
    funny thO..
    che-gu sOh nyer muker hr tu slamber jer..

  4. chubchub Says:

    adew gak soh~~

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