oh its saturday.. got a surprising call from nik! he ajak me to mcd. then, i go lah.

what so more. haha..we are pigs..

we met up with ivan. ivan was veli veli quiet after a while. me and nik, oh the usual make jokes and it was down right funny the whole mcd could hear us laugh.

the most hilarious part was.. nik was shocked to see a girl in tudung wearing such short skirt nmpk blkg dia we were laughing to the max la sbb nik kalau malu2 muka merah like bomb. πŸ˜€

then later, pegi giant. nik nk beli baju. cheap yet nice, there. i was like a mother of two and they both were like kids. ehe. funny funny. its was a fun day today, and im wiped out πŸ˜€

i walked a lot exercise. ehe. i hope everything works out tomoro πŸ™‚


2 Responses to “McD”

  1. KhairulJohari Says:

    g mcd tak ajak! :P–>

  2. kak sya Says:

    owh kejamnyer..
    never ajak me to mcd…
    kalau x bleyh dpt mcflurry free..
    a girl in tudung
    wearing such short skirt??
    dats silly..
    not to say dat i’m perfect but i think i am better thO kak sya x pakai tudung (actually)

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