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purple and pop-ish.

Posted in Life on July 31, 2006 by aku

so, it is monday again. i didnt go to school, i had a major headache and my gums were swelling. phft! i couldnt talk in the morning, and now its all better, cept it hurts when i eat.

i only ate ice cream today, mini cornettos. about 4. 😀 and i think i got a fever now, im wearing sweater and the fan is only on number 1. and my brother is sweating. LMAO.

tomorrows tuition again, another day with ViVi! She is so awsm! ehe, life life life. how can it get better? im so addicted to everyday milk which vivi and i buy every tues dan thurs. ehe. i hope i grow taller with all that calcium!!


im hoping and craving again, 1 off the list. i suppose.

there i go again, crapping……



ViVi and my little mp3

Posted in friends, Life on July 30, 2006 by aku

its 30th if you havent notice, and its ViVi (what i call veena, and NO! you cant call her that, except if you are kristina, which you’re not :P)’s birthday so happy birthday old bag, may you sag and grounch and become miserable like PnB. nah, kidding. i dont know what to get you, nvm i belanja you milk on tuesday ok? =]

so yeah, everything worked out dwell today, except i woke up with cramped leg and hand, uhmm.. so as usual, went to church, & i think i got fever because i wore sweater and the sun was like tadaaaaaa above me. 😀 dont ask hows that possible.

and yeap, like the title says it, i got my mp3. its sho sho sho sho sho cute, im amazed by how it looks more than how it works btw. so yeah, now you can ignore my previous post, craving and wanting because i bought samsung instead of sony. and the bean was like totaliiii cheap today, it was only RM349 , previously was about 499 lah.

hum, talking bout sale. the saleslady was sooooo horrifying!! when is say horrifying, i mean scaryyyy! she looked like a whore, dressing i mean. she was polite tho. the wore a really really tight shirt that make her boobs all tight up as if it(the boobs, not her) cant breathe (or can she?) Then there was this other salesman who was standing beside her, then she sed “sayang you charge this for me please” and when she said that, the guy was staring right at that spot. LMAO!

so yeah, scary scary. and im uploading songs in my mp3, since its 1G its taking a long time. and im halfway drooling and possibly snoring. HA HA HA (sacarstic laugh) =/ tomorrow school, and perhimpunan!, officially getting a butt cramp and leg sore. oh yeah, tomorrow is 31st.

a week till GEO TRIAL.. NOOOOO (screams fanaticly)

oh yeahs, im addicted to piggies!, see what i did to the pig while i was in KLCC 😛



Posted in friends, Life, school on July 28, 2006 by aku

its friday, at this day. usually i’d would skip school and stay at home lying on my bed sleeping till its 12. 😀 well, today i decided to wake up and go to school. it was fun today in school, surprisingly i got good results for home economics. 😀

well, it paid off by learning bout toilets bowls and taps. *listening to now, someone is playing with the fast forward and slow-mo button, im irritated*

its two days till’ someone’s birthday. teehee, imma bored as hell. and trial is coming up!! 7th august to be exact, and first up is geography. damn i hate that sub. i dont see how learning about where malaysia or america would make you a doctor? a fireman? (As if you’re gonna put out fire all the way to afgan) why cant we choose what sub we want eh?? Life life, oh yeahs, today i got my geo paper, damned it sucked. haha, at least i din fail plus i din study!

i think my history gonna be f’ked up too! but but but, tgk lah. 😀 i slept almost on EVERY subject. 😀 luckily wai lun wasnt like beside me, if not i prolly died looking at him. 😀  thats because he sleeps with his mouth open, imagine is saliva was drippin? ehe.

ouh, im having butterflies in my tummy all the sudden and tomorrow there is a course for PRS. =/  i dont feel like going, but i am. weirdly weird? yes! hum, and there is extra classes. wish me tons of luck then. (AS in staying awake till 6)

liar liar,

Posted in friends, Life on July 27, 2006 by aku

oh yea, today is tuition day. went tuition while reading sidney sheldon’s IF TOMORROW COMES a really great book ya know. so, on our way back, we went to wasbudi (with veena’s mum) on the way back, veena’s mum was stopped by sum liars or as they call themselves, salesmen.. veena and i, were less interested so we bunked in the car, and turned on the music, and yesss!! it was fall out boy’s dance dance. we were screaming at the back of the car, and veena accidently hit the chair and the headrest went so freaking high. we pushed it down with all our might, and finally we gave up. we pushed again and veena dumbly said ‘wait, shud press here first’ i started to laugh like a mad cow, except no moo moo lah. then veena was soo over excited for no good reason, dropped 3 bars of cadbury chocolate *wasteeee* and i stomped on it. veena’s mum finally came in the car, and told us that they were liars and such.. it was fun, and i can finally rest, but veena has tuition and its 3 days till her burdae!!! p/s: veena ur bf will sing u a hapi burdae song at pasar seni’s lrt tau. u knoe whu he is

drowning in the shallow water…

Posted in friends, Life, school on July 26, 2006 by aku

everyone is busy falling in and out of love, when trial and exams are right there waiting to hit you at the face. to be frank, im missing out. its not like i want a relationship or something, i just feel missing out on this teenage thinggy. how can priyaa live la? even my friend who made a solemnly death oath to have a boyfriend even gave up and had one recently. my other friend whu thinks she is too ugly for anyone (when she is not) had one lovey dovey caring guy for her. ohh, everyone has a boyfriend now, why am i not happy then?

im glad they have each and other, but ergh, ok. i admit, im jealous. i have a crush, but i dont want to tell. i might screw up everything, better shut it up and keep it in right?

im so not ready for everything right now, and trials, no one listens anymore.. all they do is talk about whu they like, love and whats worst, who they hate, comparing their ex’s and so on. blablabla. teary eyed for a sad person.

i want teddy weddy, 😦

hug me and make me feel better.


birthday birthday

Posted in Life on July 23, 2006 by aku

its my sister’s birthday today, not so sweet 16 at first. she had a fight with my mum yesterday, and told my mum not to get her anything, but my mum did get sumthin and she was hapi.

she got a razr v3 motorola phone, i know the extremely pink and thin phone, yea yea. im jealous too. haha, but who cares lah.

 hapi birthday sissy, u have to get me the grandmother glasses you promised me today for my burdae. 😀


Posted in Life on July 22, 2006 by aku

im really really bored, so here it goes, i dug up the internet and found few funny ghosts, well to me it is. no piccies, as some might laugh or cry or perhaps faint to death. have fun reading 😛

Firstly, Churel (Indian Ghost)
A churel, also written as “churail”, or rather “chudail” (pronounced chew-dail) is a female ghost out of Hindu folklore. She appears either as a hideous creature with long sagging breasts and unkempt hair, or as a beautiful young woman who can charm any man. Often, her feet are backward, and she has an unnaturally long & thick black tongue. The churel is said to be the unhappy ghost of a woman who died in childbirth or while menstruating (period la sengoi) . It means that she sucks blood, a habit shared with the other monster, the vampire, and due to the fact that young men are the cause of her death, the Churel always drinks from young men, beginning with the one she loved in life.  (So guys, careful esply with menstruating women :P)

Evil realms (Budhism)
Hungry Ghost realm
The Hungry Ghost realm (also known as the Pretas realm) is based on possessiveness and desire.

The sentient beings in this realm are known as “hungry ghosts” because of their inability to enjoy food or drink. In Tibetan versions of the Wheel of Life they are drawn with narrow necks to represent that condition.

When making a graphical representation of Wheel of Life, the Hungry Ghost realm is placed at 4 o’clock, with the Asura realm above and the Hell realm to the left.
Langsuir redirects here. Pontianak is also a city in West Kalimantan, Indonesia.
A pontianak or kuntilanak (as known in Indonesia, sometimes shortened to just kunti) is a type of vampire in Malay folklore. The pontianak is usually a woman who died during childbirth and becomes undead, seeking revenge and terrorizing villages. She often appears as a beautiful woman, usually accompanied by the strong scent of frangipani. Men who are not wary will be killed when she morphs into a hideous vampire, she will also eat babies and harm pregnant women.

People believe that having a sharp object like a nail helps them fend off potential attacks by pontianaks, the nail being used to plunge a hole in the back of the pontianak’s neck. It is believed that when a nail is plunged into the back of a pontianak’s neck, she will turn into a beautiful woman, until the nail is pulled off again. The Indonesian twist on this is plunging the nail into the apex of the head of the kuntilanak.

Langsuir is a version of pontianak, popular in Malaysia as one of deadliest banshee in Malay folklore. Different from a pontianak, which always appeared as a beautiful woman to devour the victim, langsuir would possess the victim and suck blood from the inside, slowly causing a fatal end. It is believed that langsuir are from women who had laboring sickness (meroyan) as a result of suffering the death of their children and who themselves died afterwards.

OK, thats all.. good night sweet dreams may sumthin bite u tonite 😀