ELS (Evil Living Satans)

its thursday all over again.
im pissed all over cuz its that time of the month again.
oh yeah, very very annoying.
girls you know it, boys… erghhh..

so today,
not much in school
chrystal was pretty much pissed cuz the carwash is not going to go on.
i mean, uhhh..
chrystal is trying her best and kirren and all are like
honestly, im pissed too.
its the half year, GUYSS..
where are the activities?

so tuition today, ate bread la la blabla
and guess what?
i havent ate RED MEAT in 3 days.

i feel like a saviour, i mean.. not GOD like, as in different laa..

tomoro got oral, science report & sej bahan hav boro to syamil
but i dun want to go school

wanna go church!!

save me?


One Response to “ELS (Evil Living Satans)”

  1. erghh..
    mkn roti kenyang..
    xyah boh ape2 yg xtahan tu..
    giler la..
    respect gila kat ko..

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