hum tee dum..

Oh look, its father’s day. and its nik’s birthday. wee!~ Two celebration =]
Went to church, haih.. father’s day every year is very saddening. Oh well, then we went to klcc. i bought nik a present. =]

aint it cute? =] anyways, my mum had a day off. so since i had no dad to spend with, we went to his tombstone. prayed and stuff. my mum then went shopping for stuff. i really hate when that happens. she dont make up her mind. phft! talking bout confusion. =]
oh well.
neways, tomrow i have my watikah thinggy, wish me luck.

& my voice is cracking. HELP!


One Response to “hum tee dum..”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I had no idea…
    I am so sorry…
    Mayb I can visit your father
    If I had the time…
    I’ll show him dat u hav such good friends…
    So,where is his tomb??…
    If I may ask…


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