urgh, mid term break was over. im so lazy to get my ass up to the school. everyday seemed duller as i face stupider things. i have to fin the newsletter which was great, aw was a great help. loads of, in her terms.. bombastic ideas. kewl! marlene had to quit. not had, she wanted to. i guess to much work in PRS. speaking bout PRS, i think i want to quit. but i can’t. its almost the end of the year, why quit now.. right?

as i was going through my school life, i realised i have no time for anything cept for smses from someone who really brightens up my day *hint!* Thank you. but then, online all the time aint all ice cream and lollies. its kinda annoying when people nudge and buzz like “oh, look at me.. im paris hilton” get a grip people, i have a life too. *dont take it seriously, but take it as something else.. please?*

the worst i could get it exam results. ouh, dont ask me about it. it sucked
but im gonna pay up on my july. i promise 🙂 at least, i hope so. im a sucker in keeping promises. teehee. ergh, life aint sweet like sweets, sour as rotten milk nor salty like seawater. its just like mineral water, you drink.. you pee and you drink again. in short, no matter how much you take, you lose. get it? =]
i hope you do. happy weekends y’all.


One Response to “Julius.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey !! Not only ur life sucks u know ??…
    Mine life sucks too…
    I am not really allowed to use d internet,though!!..
    Oh well…Is my wish rite??…
    Well…I am sick(think cause of first week of school…)
    I love school,I also love holidays…
    Well…I love holidays cause u can relax,get over all ur troubles…I love school cause u can meet friends,see ur boyfriend *chukle* Btw,Get over it okay??… Good luck in ur july!!…

    KQ(guess who I am)

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